Saturday, August 24, 2013

EMC Greenplum Strengths

Increasingly global presence. EMC has data warehouse customers in Australia, Canada,
China, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea and the United States. It offers Greenplum
customers a worldwide sales and support organization, and the product's reach and presence
are expanding rapidly worldwide.Nevertheless, following EMC's recent repositioning for cloud offerings and distributed infrastructure, it will take more evidence of customer adoption to recover in the execution

Broad appeal to vertical markets. To complement its global diversity, EMC has a broad base
of customers in vertical markets: telecommunications, financial services, oil and gas, utilities,
software and IT, among others. EMC's announcements claim multiple customers with annual
revenue of over $1 billion, though most of the reference customers it identified for our Magic
Quadrant survey reported annual revenues of $1 billion or less. Additionally, there were fewer
new customers among EMC's references this year — but the existing ones increased their
investments in its solutions.

Reliability and performance. Customers report that EMC's system is self-healing in the event
of disk or server failures. A few of the reference customers volunteered, without prompting, the
information that any failures could be attributed directly to hardware faults and were not the
fault of the DBMS. There were instances of advice from EMC customers in the customer
experience section of our survey that recommended the use of resource queuing functions to
overcome some database performance issues. Customers reported a wide range of data warehouse/database sizes, from 1TB to over 300TB, and at least one customer reported that it
was approaching 2PB. Interestingly, the largest number of connected users was in the 100TB
range and a small number of users in the very large size range — the latter indicates strategic
use by experienced and intensive analysts in very large warehouses.

Winning value proposition. Even customers who reported that EMC's pricing is high were
impressed by the value proposition. References added that there are very few separately priced
and licensed add-ons to the DBMS. One reason for this winning combination is the Greenplum
database's roots in managing and analyzing big data assets — EMC's reference customers
reported the highest rate of production of any of the vendor for the
implementation of NoSQL, MapReduce and other big data technologies managed or adjacent
to Greenplum data warehouses. In addition, EMC claims rapid adoption of Greenplum Chorus,
a platform that supports self-service provisioning of the data warehouse architecture
"sandboxes" that analysts use when exploring data in the warehouse.

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